Full Range of Commercial Property

Downtown International covers a full range of commercial property sectors including; office, retail, industrial and leisure. Our invaluable local knowledge of commercial markets allow us to target excellent offerings on an exclusive basis providing our buyers the best possible options for investment.

Local Market Knowledge

Downtown International benefits from decades of local market experience and is well positioned to offer reliable advice to purchasers of commercial real estate. Upon receiving a detailed instruction and a list of criteria from a commercial investor, Downtown International can move quickly to accommodate most requirements.

A Targeted Approach

Given the excellent reputation of Downtown International, our consultants have exclusive access to a large number of sound commercial investments. With our extensive portfolio we can offer you a choice of properties all meeting your criteria, providing you the targeted approach you would come to expect of a market leading agency.

Superior Investment Returns

At Downtown International we understand that an investor’s individual criteria and investment requirements will ultimately decide the most suitable property investment. Our advisors are expertly trained to meet those requirements and provide suitable investments to maximise your returns.